Registration Info


The 2022 Minnetonka Fishing Team will primarily be participating with two fishing organizations.  The Bass Federation and Major League Fishing.  Both of these organizations run junior and high school events nationwide, this includes the Student Angler Tournament Trail (SATT) the preeminent tournament trail in Minnesota.   *There will be other non affiliated tournaments available to compete in with other organizations throughout the summer.

Our junior anglers will compete with kids who are 8th grade and younger.  Our high school anglers will be competing with kids between 9th through 12th grade.  (Some high school events will allow an angler who has completed 7th grade provided their fishing partner has completed 8th grade.)

The MFT recommends that all anglers complete the Mn DNR boaters safety online course, which can be found here.   All MFT rostered anglers in good standing will be registered members of the SAF (Student Angler Federation} which is a partnership between The Bass Federation and Major League Fishing.  More information on the SAF can be found here.


The cost to become a member of the 2022 Minnetonka Junior and High School Fishing Team will be $250.  This cost includes memberships to TBF/FLW state and national organizations, our team dues, a team jersey and in-house tournaments and other club events.  Outside tournament costs will be covered by each individual angler.  (Examples are SATT and Bassinator Junior Trail fees)


We are currently being supported by Omnia Fishing, Rapala USA (Rapala, Terminator, VMC, Suffix, Storm), Lund Boats, AquaVu, Arsenal Fishing, Simms, Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge, Rapid Marine, DH Custom Rod and Tackle, Cabin Fever Sporting Goods, Knewtson Health Group, Shimano, XZone Lures, Big Bite Tackle, St. Croix Rods, Northland Tackle and our newest partner Twin Cities Walleyes Unlimited.  Many of our partners offer our anglers discounts on fishing gear and services.  The TBF/MLF offer discounts on Tackle and gear for members.  Each registered angler will receive a list containing team discounts.


We are multi-sport and family friendly. Practices and tournament participation we believe should be driven by our individual anglers and their families.  There will be no requirement to attend any events, but anglers are encouraged to participate when they are able.

To become a member of the Minnetonka Fishing Team you must complete our online registration.  This is a 2 step process.  Step 1.  Complete our online registration form.  Step 2.  Pay the $250  registration fee online via Venmo.  Please use the following links to complete the registration and payment. 




Thank you for your interest in the Minnetonka Fishing Team